Drunk Driving trials in Manhattan occur at 100 Centre Street, New York, NY on the fourth floor. The case is usually called in the DWI Part which is courtroom E also on the fourth floor. If the prosecutor is ready for trial and there are judges available the matter will be sent to a trial judge.

At this point the usual witnesses will be the police officer that made the arrest and the highway officer who did the breathalyzer test if one was taken. If no breathalyzer test was done, then a trial can take place with only one witness. Prosecutors in Manhatta and in most of New York City do not like cases where there is no breathalyzer test. They see the breathalyzer as powerful evidence that cannot be overcome. This is not true. The breathalyzer machines are faulty in many ways and we can use the opportunity of cross examination to show the jury how bad they are.

A jury in a misdemeanor Drunk Driving case consists of six people, if it is a felony, it will be twelve people.